Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Due to the development of the world and its ways of livingthere has become what is known as

internet marketing or social media marketing, and in the pastthey depended on the promotion and marketing of the commodity on the ground, face to face, but today they promote the commodity through the Internet around the world and not only on a certain perimeter, and marketing over the Internet has become a kind of new method in the world of marketing and selling. There are several sites interested in promoting and marketing goods and products, via the Internet, digital devices and mobile phones without the need for papers. Marketing success methods depend on the experience of the marketing officer, the specific financial budget, and the marketing methods used.

As for the best e-marketing methods that are done through social networking sites, such as:

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter .... and others

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing :

  • Interaction remains continuous and open at any time
  • Build the trust of customers, and get a large number of them.
  • Real profit with a high ceiling.
  • Protection of customer information and accounts, and customers have the right to access their information to modify and delete it.
  • Ease of obtaining the commodity to be purchased via the Internet, bypassing the time and place.
  • The ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in their marketing operations.